Month of May, the month of spring delights

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It's spring, is nice and flowers bloom!
Every day, the sun wakes me with his rays and drunk my eyes whenever I try to give him greeting ...

I close my eyes and see that everything around me is full of life: you can hear the laughter of children in the park, on the street, I wash scent senses, and the kitchen is a real treat: dawn dancing fruit and vegetables in the dish, baked bread, just out of the oven and my mother, my favorite housewife, makes a kitchen parade in the rhythms of Eric Clapton.

The whole month May I'll be spoiled with sweets made with fresh fruit, I will soften all the fingers in a variety of colorful cakes, I will quench my thirst with the refreshing and energizing drink and I'll do "culinary journey" to the most famous chefs reveal to me a few little secrets.

Then I will come back again in Bucharest and I'll enjoy the newest ice creams with caramel, pistachio, almond, chocolate, berries or exotic, crowned with the most extravagant drinks juices or teas.

But suddenly, I open my eyes and realize I'm in the office, in front of a computer, writing with the spring in mind, but I'm smiling, because is May, the month .. of spring delights.


Autor: IRINA B.

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Published: mai 2013
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