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Yesterday, the whole held Bistrita smelled cooking goulash recipes Romanian, Hungarian and Viennese.

Announced with great fanfare, kettle cooking contest, now in second edition, gathered amateur cooks and professional students, families, including teams from Hungary and one of Harghita.

Specifically, in the competition entered 25 teams of chefs from Romania and Hungary.

The teams brought each a pot of 20 liters and ingredients for taste, while organizers have provided the meat and potatoes.

Each team tried to cook the most delicious goulash, whether Romanian, Hungarian and Viennese.

In all three versions, the ingredients used to make goulash hardly have been revealed, some housewife revealing that most of the potatoes, meat, vegetables, and many souls are the basic ingredients.

It seems that is the perfect goulash with pork. Am I not the person who say that. A competitor, Rafila Marton from village Ciresoaia think about goulash: With any meat can be made, but the best is the pig. First, I put bacon, and onions. First fry everything, and meat, and vegetables.

Hmmm, also, just perfect was goulash made beer. The meat was prepared from the beginning, held a time with all the ingredients, then put the pot. After that put beer, as do response to meat and gives it a special taste.

For Hungarian goulash, do not use more vegetables and greens, which are rather stew, but the secret ingredient is pepper paste.

Viennese goulash was meant to be best with tassel, something more special than usual.
First, a Viennese goulash start the fire, put the ingredients and soul of all.

Once the teams have completed land preparation and flavors studded kettle, three teams of jurors selected the best new teams that cooking kettle.


The judges gave scores of participants by appearance, taste and smell of goulash.

Finally, he turned on the entertainment and fun and participants flocked to the event and were treated to what was cooking during the day, goulash.




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Sursa photo: culinar.ro

Published in: mai 2013
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