Portuguese Culture Days Festival at the Village Museum

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After yesterday's National Day was celebrated in Portugal, starting today, the Village Museum organize Portuguese Culture Days Festival.

In a Latin atmosphere, you'll get acquainted closely with fabulous culture and you will taste the delicious dishes belonging to the Portuguese gastronomy.

In addition, you will participate in planned activities aimed at discovering Portuguese traditions through music and dance, lectures and documentary screenings, workshops Portuguese language and literature.

Included are activities for children, translated into workshops: painting ceramics workshop Portuguese words and stories, puppet workshop and engraving workshop.

Even today, at 18.00, will play Maria Răducanu fado music, followed at the same time Saturday and Sunday from 17.30 Agreements Portuguese music, performed by artists Sebastiao Quadrilha Antunes, to delight the senses of all visitors.

Projections include the documentaries "Journey behind the scenes parades in Lisbon", "flying carpet / O Voador wallpaper", "Opera and writer António Lobo Antunes life / António Lobo Antunes: Escrever, escrever, Viver".

The little ones can paint the azulejos (ceramic) in the workshops or literature and listen to stories immortal Portuguese or play with dolls and puppets.

And how the landscape could not miss dainties, over the whole week you can sample traditional Portuguese products on a dedicated stand.
Products are imported by companies specializing in Portuguese cuisine.

And in the weekend will be organized a café and a restaurant ad hoc Portuguese, where you can supply with traditional dishes, desserts and beverages.

For a week, Portuguese flavors meet each other in the middle of the capital, in order to conquer the whole world.

To get an idea, a good roast piglet named in Portugal Leitão Assado waiting for you throughout these days and agreement Marisco, or bread soup and seafood, but when you see it, you
due to specific flavors will entice Portuguese.

Portuguese cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine with many fresh vegetables, olive oil, seafood and fish, and raw-dried sausages and famous wines such as Porto and Madeira.



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Published in: iunie 2013
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