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Gordon Ramsay involved in a new scandal

Gordon Ramsey has enjoyed over time by assessing the greatest chefs throughout the world.   In a few years, he became one of the best Chef, managing each time to harmonize the perfect appetizer, main course and dessert menu conceiving a surprising, even for the most demanding gourmets. Equally…
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Let's discover together Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one of those celebrity chefs who have lost a header after acquired fame. On the contrary, he always had a voice, which made him the most popular chef in the UK. Moreover, gained stardom through published books, working with British GQ, Times Magazine, Marie Claire and News of the World,…
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René Redzepi , a true ambassador of the gastronomy

For years, René Redzepi was named best chef in the world. And rightly so, just of the restaurant Noma, voted the best in the world in 2010, 2011 and 2012 by the British magazine "Restaurant". With just over 30 years, René is the Nordic Cuisine Ambassador, composed of local and…
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