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Jamie Oliver is one of those celebrity chefs who have lost a header after acquired fame. On the contrary, he always had a voice, which made him the most popular chef in the UK.

Moreover, gained stardom through published books, working with British GQ, Times Magazine, Marie Claire and News of the World, but also because television show The Naked Chef (chef secrets undress ...).

Over time, Jamie surprised by inventiveness and also the simplicity of the recipes. His unconventional way of cooking, using a language that is not loaded gourmet terms and storyteller attracted a large audience and curiosity.

Jamie Oliver has revolutionized how Britons watching food and cooking and has become widely known under the name of the show that made him famous, the proposed tasty and easy to prepare recipes.

A revolutionary idea, a completely new method of cooking that caught on was how quickly food cooking in just 30 minutes. Basically, Jamie revealed how to cook an entire meal during the usually cooked one dish.

Always worked on the principle that we must organize, move quickly and use shortcuts and clever tricks to put hot platters with delicious food.

It appeared the book "Cooking in 30 minutes with Jamie", an interesting cookbook with 50 menus carefully designed so as not to induce a fuss, just quick and healthy cuisine.

The menus shown here are complete, consisting of dishes that go well together and the recipes are designed in a unique, easy to follow.

In view of the famous chef, this way of cooking is to use every minute wisely, to amuse us while we prepare prescriptions and to bring back the atmosphere of the old kitchen.

Another cookbook that sold like hot cakes is "Jamie Minister healthy food", performed by well known TV show, "Jamie's Ministry of Food".

The book includes dozens of simple and delicious recipes that can be made even by the most inexperienced cooks. Of course, no wise are pushed aside, they may as well try these recipes.

Jamie Oliver has gathered its own versions of popular recipes that can be made easy, fast and affordable ingredients. The volume is divided into 14 chapters, provides clear and suggestive photos for each step.

In the book "Food with Jamie" are 120 recipes with ingredients that can be purchased at any store. From soups, salads, pastas, meats, vegetables, desserts, menus less common to all are included in this cookbook.

One chapter is devoted entirely to the sandwich, and the section entitled "Family Tree" shows how, starting from a basic principle, we can expand the culinary repertoire.

Another chapter is titled "Top 10" and contains the best recipes of the top ten favorite dishes in the world, according to opinions of thousands of people who have visited Jamie's website.

It is a cookbook for everyone, which provides everything you need to ever know how to properly feed both us and the whole family.

About "to cook with Jamie. How to become a better cook," Jamie said it is the greatest book ever made, combining classic and modern at the same time, available today and forever.

A lot of simple recipes is accessible to all, whether we are students, young couples, beginners or experienced cooks in the field.

The book contains information about the equipment that we need in the kitchen, advice on how to recognize and cook different meats and some suggestions on buying the best quality products.

Jamie Oliver continues to amaze and attract more and more acclaim due modesty that proves every day. An example is redirecting all penny from the sale of books to disadvantaged youth around the world to educate and inspire as to make a career in the culinary field through Fifteen Foundation.



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