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For years, René Redzepi was named best chef in the world.

And rightly so, just of the restaurant Noma, voted the best in the world in 2010, 2011 and 2012 by the British magazine "Restaurant".

With just over 30 years, René is the Nordic Cuisine Ambassador, composed of local and seasonal ingredients, and gourmet explorer, as he likes to describe.

Was noticed and got where he is because his desire for searching, experiment and try new dishes based on food and natural ingredients as fresh and local.

Who is René Redzepi?

A man with a big heart, passion for botany and meteorology, half Danish, half Albanian, who was able to learn anything from semi-prepared food, prepared in the microwave (in vogue in the '80s, in the kitchens of Copenhagen).

He made cooking classes, not because it wished, but it bored school and wanted to do good and earn his own money. So, at age 15, he followed a friend who wanted to become a chef cooking courses.

Gradually, with small steps, knocked on the restaurants doors, worked in the kitchen of Pierre Andre, in Copenhagen, where he cooked French cuisine, and at The French Laundry in California.

He gained experience, reputation, which allowed him to make a visit in 1998, the famous restaurant El Bulli, where he worked in 1999.

Although proposals have to drive all the restaurants in Denmark, René Redzepi accepted, at age 24, Claus Meyer's proposal to transform an old warehouse in the port of Copenhagen, in a restaurant that reflects the traditions of Nordic cuisine.

The idea that started was as luxurious ingredients brought from other places (foie gras from France, ham from Spain or olive oil from Greece) to be replaced as much local produce.

Thus were laid the foundations of Noma restaurant, whose name comes from combining the words "North" and "food" in Danish.

For choosing the name of the restaurant, René had another embodiment, restaurant Forecast, the reason being that this is what cooking is seasonal weather brings.

Only during a trip to Greenland, René Redzepi realized that what he wants to offer to his clients is the sense of time and space in which they are. I mean, authentic northern cuisine with specific ingredients of each season.


The secret restaurant managed to win in 2008, two Michelin stars, and in 2010 and 2011, the title of the best restaurant in the world.

René Redzepi is the best in what he does and continues to put all this perfection stage for its customers in order to better convey the feeling of oneness with nature.

Presentation dishes from his restaurant continues to conquer hearts today. Only here, raw vegetables are served in such a way as to be set true point garden, while a shrimp dish is placed on the plate so as to create a seascape.



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