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The third dish that makes to this wish list is known other than a traditional Burmese dish. It is originated in Burma known in the name of ‘Mob Hin Gha’. In English, you can call it ‘rice vermicelli with fish soup’ simply!


Mob Hin Gha: the food comfort depths of Burma


This makes to my list because I always loved comfort of sea. And the Mob Hin Gha has it all. It is a complete meal: which is a soup cooked with rice vermicelli and fish fillets in it. It is enrich with the authentic flavors of sea which beats any seafood restaurants. Plus, it is very healthy meal which is loved by the people of Burma. And hence, I believe this will be a comforting food promotes the essence of a healthy lifestyle.


The fourth dish that makes to my wish list is an Arabian dessert, popularly known as ‘Knafeh’. My mom usually makes it for Eid; as a sweet dish which all my family loves! Hence, this makes to the fourth in my list as I dream of serving this to my guests someday!


Knafeh: the queen of Arabian dessert


This is again a sweet dish that melts it our mouth and creamy texture of condensed milk and pistachios filled in it just takes you to the another world. I have a sweet tooth; and I can have this dish all day. However, the main ingredient used here is sweet vermicelli.


The fifth dish I would love to make some day that belongs to the Italian classics known as Tiramisu. There are quite a lot of restaurants here that serves tiramisu and someday, I plan to make it like the exact way those Italian restaurants make!


Tiramisu: the inner peace of Italy


If you say, magic don’t exist. I would say, think again! Magic exists and the dish tiramisu is itself the proof. It has the powers to make anyone lose themselves and forget everything, but that peace of Italy and that simple dish. Well, the dish is not that simple to make: it needs perfection to create the magic and hence, it is the critical point of the entire dish. The original tiramisu is made out of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks, egg whites, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa.


All these five dishes belong to different origin; but someday I will master these! And you know that, maybe I have my restaurant by that time, to serve it all and make people happy.



Author: Mamata Bashar

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Published in: iulie 2014
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