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Irio is perhaps one of the most popular meals eaten in Kenya. It is native to the Kikuyu tribe in central Kenya. It is made up of green peas and mashed potatoes. These two major components are boiled together and then yellow corn is added. For a rich texture, you may add a can of pinto beans and finely chopped spinach and onion. With some salt, pepper and paprika added, your Irio is ready!


The dish is usually served with meat stew. The Irio ingredients may come in different forms as desired. Some may prefer not to mash their potatoes entirely but cook it very soft. Others may decide, on serving, to add a dash of yogurt on top for some zing.


For a more directional preparation: Peel the potatoes and slice them into thick wedges. Place them in a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Cook them until the potatoes are tender but not falling into a mush. Pour off the water and begin to mash the potatoes by hand. Add in chopped watercress, peas add corn and mix everything until well combined. Season the mash with butter, salt and pepper to taste. Garnish as desired and Serve hot


The combination of ingredients gives off a healthy balance of nutrients. First there’s the carbohydrate present in the potatoes with supply adequate amounts of energy to the body. Then there’s the huge presence of vitamins in the mix of watercress, spinach and peas.


While the yellow corn has carbohydrate it also has B-complex vitamins as well. For me, I find the corn ingredient in the meal the most appealing.Apart from just being a staple food or snack, corn is actually a unique phytonutrient-rich food that provides us with well-documented antioxidant benefits. It is a good source of the mineral manganese.It has good fibre content and just gives a special crunch to the entire meal.


As noted, when served with stew or gravy and steak, it transforms into a very sumptuous meal. Tomato stew will offer you great vitamins like vitamin C, A and biotin. The steak is a great source of animal protein your body needs. For many who eat mashed potatoes regularly and get bored, Irio is a fun, healthy alternative. For me, I wouldn’t leave out the pepper for anything. The yellow corn must be enough, for I love anything crunchy! The steak, hmmm! That just makes my mouth water!


This seasoned puree of corn, peas and potatoes with the steak stew will definitely tantalize your family for a change. The pepper or paprika is excellent to give you that pleasurable tang that keeps you asking for more.


Every country sure presents its favourite dish. Visitors are always encouraged to try them. On any trip to Kenya, be sure to ask for Irio. Celebrated in homes and served in restaurants, you cannot miss the dish.



Author: Tubonemi - Nigeria

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Published in: iulie 2014
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