El Celler de Can Roca, the best restaurant in the world

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2013 is a profitable for the Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, which is officially the best restaurant in the world.

This title comes after two consecutive years ranked second and restaurant Noma from Denmark occupied the first place.

Earlier this year, Noma, whose menu reached to $ 900, was criticized when more customers fell ill after dining here.

Little Catalan city of Girona, where this restaurant is located, has good grounds to feel proud, not the other, but rarely see such a luck!

Especially since the ranking was done based on votes cast by more than 900 chefs, critics, chefs and gastronomy experts who analyzed 26 different regions, each with a panel of 36 members and a chairman.

Owned by three brothers Roca, the best restaurant in the world has managed to dethrone another 50 luxury establishments, as refined and qualitative.

But what stands out in this restaurant?

Passing over the fact that it has three Michelin stars, in this restaurant you can not not see how Joan coordinate the kitchen, haow Jordi cook and Josep taste the wine.

More broadly, Joan Roca is the executive chef who invented new dishes such as oyster in a jelly scented with an aroma distilled from a handful of forest land. His younger brother, Josep is the sommelier who takes care of the wine cellar, which combines music and videos with your favorite flavor of its wines. The third brother, Jordi, the pastry chef who creates desserts and they taste some famous perfumes.

Basically, it is a Catalan family restaurant, the three increases in the restaurant that their mother had it Taiala working class suburb of Girona.

In 1986, the two older brothers Joan and Josep, opened El Celler de Can Roca, and in 2007, along with their younger brother, Jordi, moved to another location, where they remained until now.

A further advantage is obtained for the combination of global praise Catalan cuisine and top techniques, and molecular gastronomy or ingenious methods of arranging the food on the plate.

To get an idea, is a delicious menu, whose prices start at 135 euros. Some famous dishes based shrimp can be ordered at El Celler de Can Roca include charcoal grilled giant prawns and shrimp juice or essence.

But that's not all! The restaurant even has a logo, letter R, which evokes the name of the three. Interestingly, the R has three "legs", each representing one of the Roca brothers.


Here, at this restaurant, professionalism was appreciated and rewarded as appropriate. As proof that he knew to be imposed through hard work, courage, generosity and creativity, as they like to say Roca brothers.



Autor: Irina B.

Sursa photo: four-magazine.com

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