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Still reigning in what has always been described as the Garden City is this native dish that would keep you asking for more after the first helping. It is roasted ripe plantain and roasted fish eaten with pepper spice or palm oil. 

Seen as a snack, this meal rich in iron and riboflavin can also serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I usually prefer it as lunch or dinner and like to wash it down with some soft drink like Coca Cola.

Popularly called ‘Bole’ all over Nigeria, the roasted plantain is a savoury meal. It is eaten with roasted groundnuts in some parts of the country. Bole with the fish combination is more popular in Rivers State and other southern Nigeria states. Whenever, I visit Port-Harcourt, the capital city of my home state, Rivers State, I never hesitate to buy bole.

Many times I dream of the dish long before I arrive in Port-Harcourt. The pepper-scented smell of this grilled or barbecued delicacy, sold on the street sides in most parts of the city is something to be cherished.  

The plantain is usually peeled and roasted over the grill without adding any spice to it. The road-side grills are usually built locally using wood and kerosene to make the fire. The fire is stoked from time to time to keep the flame up but at the right temperature. The fresh fish is also cleaned and spiced up before placing it on the grill.  When the plantain is golden and the fish browned and done, it is ready to be served.

The roasted plantain is usually cut up into small chunks and   served with the fish along with palm oil or a specially prepared pepper sauce. Using a fork or sometimes your bare hands, the chunks of roasted plantain are dipped into the oil or the sauce and eaten. The taste of Bole is a satisfying one; it does justice to the aroma of the barbecue.

Interestingly, in some nooks and crannies of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, this tasty local delicacy is sold. Important personalities park their cars by the road side in order to buy the soft roasted plantain and the palatable roasted fish. With the right ingredients and a simple barbecue fire or electric barbecue stove, you don’t need to be great chef to prepare this delicacy at home. 

But the road-side bole just has this unique aroma and taste. The women who prepare them on the road sides are the best bole chefs there are. As the popular saying goes, the stew cooked in the local pot over firewood always tastes nicer that the one cooked with cooking gas or an electric stove. 

Apart from roasting, plantain can be fried or boiled. Of course, that would serve as different recipe variants for another day. For now, in any event you visit Port-Harcourt, you would do well to ask for ‘Bole’. You would not regret your choice!   



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Published in: iulie 2014
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