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I invite you to abandon your everyday problems and step into a world of exotic, rich flavors, aromatic and warm at Tortuga Greek restaurant.

Islands aromas and flavors bathed in the meditaraneene sunshine of Greek preparations take you into a world of permanent vacations, endless summer evenings and passing loves ...

In the capital, on Traian Street, we find a Greek restaurant with a varied menu, special and intimate atmosphere, ready to transform your ordinary evening at a restaurant into a culinary journey on exotic realms.

Tortuga restaurant stands by the idea of ​​"Meze" - a multitude of tastes in small-sized portions which by their number can be a complete meal.

"Meze" is considered the piece de resistance of the Eastern Mediterranean and, in local cuisine it usually consists of vegetables, meat, fish, in combination or not, spicy or sweet, salty or sour, cooked or raw all.

These "mizilicuri" are best served with pita or bread.

In terms of salads, the Mediterranean are very tasty and fresh!

Greek cuisine salads often contain olives, feta cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and sometimes even chicken.

Greek salad can be served as an independent dish, as they are very hearty and filling.

Another type of food typical for Mediterranean cuisine, especially the Greek, is the lamb and preparations thereof.

La Tortuga meets the lamb on the menu in various forms, fresh and delicious, spicy and well done, until it melts in your mouth.

And what works best served with lamb, if not the company of a cold Greek  beer?

La Tortuga has many types!

But who really steals the spotlight in typical Greek restaurant is seafood!

Seafood Greek cuisine occur either in salads to give them consistency, or as equally, food by itself, coocked in the pan with various spices and sauces.

Calamari, shrimp or scallops, all goes well with a glass of flavored wine with Mediterranean flavor.

Once you experience the tasty Greek Tortuga not skip any dessert menu.

With syrups and honey, fruits, milk and cream cheese, various sweet desserts in the Greek cuisine and they all have a unique taste, very sweet and very filling.

But you can share a portion of baklava with the person who wants to make life sweeter.

And there's really no Greek meal without a glass of ouzzo.

If you are craving the taste of the Mediterranean, olive flavor and energetic atmosphere of the Greeks, I invite you to Tortuga restaurant where you can have it all.

If the program prevents you to get to Tortuga, you can invite the delicious Greek flavor into your home through Eater.ro.

Author: Ioana Dogaru

Photo: mygola.com

Published in: martie 2013
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