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You miss a hearty traditional Romanian meal?

Seek to rediscover the warm atmosphere of childhood spent in grandma's house?

Want to catch up aromas and flavors long forgotten?

Come to Nicoresti for a traditional, Romanian food.

Restaurants decor is neither classical nor elegant, nor fancy.

It is simply traditional Romanian with pottery on the walls and fur bears.

If decor is not impressive, certainly is because the food compensates!

If you go on the principle that love goes through the stomach, Nicoresti is the perfect place to make love!

You can start your journey on the path of memories with a plate of hot snacks (27 lei) containing: Small, liver, meat, grilled cheese, mushrooms fry).

Besides the delicious food, the menu from Nicoresti gives you a little product information.

For example, I learned that Romanian dry white wine is "only recommended for finesse like chicken with cream and mushrooms or chicken with lemon sauce."

Because we're in Chapter chicken, we also recommend, also with white wine, chicken stew.

Is marvelous! Sent me directly to my grandmother's kitchen, taste with innocence the awakening to life

Romanian experience is not complete without a bowl of cooked mix Cottage (17 lei).

If you want a traditional preparation of beef with an intense flavor, you must try the beef stew with polenta (£ 20.05),  wich matches perfectly with a "soft and spiritual wine with subtle aroma and taste sophisticated as ”Feteasca Neagra".

Because we approach Easter in a hurry, I recommend you to try the Nicoresti training with lamb platter (£ 22.50) or grilled lamb chops (£ 35.50).

Of course, all in the company of a good Romanian wine.

From the menu we find out that the king of cake desserts lives at Nicoresti.

"For 15 years Aunt Mary makes a cake like never seen before in this land, with plenty of coconut and chocolate”

I do not think there is in Bucharest a more traditional and authentic restaurant than Nicoresti.

But words are useless!

You must convince yourself, tasting delicious dishes from the restaurant.

If you want to surprize your family with a hearty Romanian meal, bring Nicoresti preparations to your door through Eater.Ro.

Author: Ioana Dogaru

Published in: martie 2013
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