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Tephra has introduced a new concept of market places in Bucharest: fusion lounge bar!

What does this term mean? You can have music, club, lounge, bar, and excellent food all under one roof!

In the morning you can serve coffee at Tephra, starting from 8.

Then, also at Tephra you can serve a buisness-lunch with business partners.

For such occasions, there are daily menus (19.9 lei) consisting of appetizer, main dish, side dish and dessert.

That's a deal!

After 21 hours, Tephra will subtle migrate towards the club atmosphere.

Starting out with male-female duality in mind, those from Tephra have implemented this idea in the surrounding premises.

"Interior design starts from the separation zone Male - Female areas well drawn and color-specific decorations and culminates with fusion median areas, areas with nuanced dynamics of the gradient colors and textures blending" - it explains the concept of setting the Tephra, even on their site.

Tephra menu meets specific dishes from different parts of the world.

In short, you have a choice.

I recommend you start with a portion of Carpaccio (26 RON) or range of cheeses with grapes, apples and nuts (26 lei).

The two preparations go perfectly with a glass of wine.

In terms of hot snacks I met two of my favorites: pancakes with chicken, mushrooms and cream (12 lei) and grilled mushrooms stuffed with parmesan and bacon (13 lei).

For the main course menu found in many options, from different parts of the world, so you have to decide depending on the condition and appetite.

If you want to try something new, unique, I recommend you also check the house specialty dishes.

You can opt for trout stuffed with nuts and raisins (37 lei), salmon in mustard sauce (38 lei) or chicken with garnish Somes (26 lei).

On the menu we find pasta, grilled dishes, salads or baked.

The food is good, prepared with care and attention to detail, it is handsome as it is tasty.

The drink menu is impressive, because the Tephra finds any cocktail you can think of, plus some that you have not heard before.

And, with any luck, you will have finished the meal at exactly the time when fun begins!

If its Friday or Saturday, the fun lies in a memorable evening of karaoke!

The advantage of this place is that, combining many styles, offering a full evening, with everything you need: music, dance, food, drink and atmosphere.

If time does not allow you to go out, but you have been craving dishes from Tephra, you can enjoy a tasty meal from them, even in your home, with

Author: Ioana Dogaru


Published in: martie 2013
Tags: club, food, fun, menu, Tephra
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