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Barca is not just a typical restaurant with raw-vegan cuisine.

Barca is a concept that talks about food, health, love and, why not, about faith.

Barca is the godly lifestyle of the healthy people!

Restaurant encourages nutrition and lifestyle characteristic to raw-vegan choice.

Uncooked food is live food (up to 42 º C) and without animal.

If you would like more information about this type of food, Barca will have prepared a series of lectures and seminars on the subject.

You can discover the secrets of good eating habits and healthy and tasty preparations, attending the raw kitchen courses organized by Barca.

Restaurant menu is full of dishes novel, at least for me, not raw-vegan cuisine initiated.

Colors, flavors combined with exotic flavors and freshness preparations have a dramatic effect both on the plate and on the body.

If you are not familiar with anything about this kitchen, I recommend you experiment the Barca concept with friends.

You will see that the menu is based more on the idea of ​​sharing food.

I recommend you start this journey of a mix of dishes, ideal to be shared and experienced with loved ones - vegan dish (50 lei): Sushi rolls, zucchini, marinated mushrooms, vegetables and olive paste, green pepper boats, joined in a feast of color and health.

Another ideal choice for initiation is the set of rolls Barca (25 RON) zucchini rolls in a combination of marinated mushrooms, fresh basil and cheese sunflower, complemented by a fresh sauce of cashew, cardamom, cumin and lemon.

If you are unable to decide what to order, Boat offers 5 preset menus, to meet different needs:

1.Barca menu (23 lei)

Alternatively, any pasta zucchini (Marinara, Pesto, Alfredo or wood ear) and pudding (Psylliums or Chia).

2.Detox Menu (25 lei)

Any raw vegan soup (vegetable, coconut or pumpkin) and endive salad with hazelnuts.

3.Classic menu (25 lei)

Lemonade or fresh goji, tripe soup or soup of red lentils and yellow peas dish, Mung beans or rice with vegetables.

4.Gourmet menu (28 lei)

Soup (hot or raw vegan) and salads (Greek, Caesar or green abundance)

5.Summer Menu (20 lei)

Lemonade or fresh goji and serving of cake of your choice.

If prices seem slightly steep, consider that the preparations are containing exotic fruits and vegetables, and they are always fresh at Barca.

There are people who really do not want to make major changes in their diet and prefer cooked dishes.

For these individuals Barca prepared a menu "on fire", which includes a tripe soup without belly (12 lei), Mung bean meal (11 lei) or rice with vegetables and mushrooms (10 lei).

Even if these dishes were cooked to a temperature higher than that implied by raw-vegan cuisine, these dishes do not contain any meat or animal products.

Intense and raw food taste is great and beneficial properties of this diet are recognized and proven.

I think there are enough reasons to experience this type of kitchen.

You can order online from the raw vegan restaurant at your home or in your office, with Eater.ro!

Autor: Ioana Dogaru

Sursă foto: youngandraw.com

Published in: martie 2013
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