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Texas has been getting a lot of news headlines for some of the big festivals being thrown throughout the state, along with some of the recognition that celebrity chefs in the area have been receiving. Here are some of the delicious news bites from the Lone Star State people in the US have been talking about.


Texas restaurant owners and chefs show off their skills at the 7th Annual Taste North Austin festival. Texas is famous in the South for having some of the best restaurants, the best cuisine, and the best chefs around. As one of the biggest festivals of restaurant food in Texas, Taste North Austin managed to gather over 20 different restaurants to compete amongst each other, and several hundred visitors.


The winner of the competition for best cuisine went to NoRTH Italian, one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the entire city. A secondary competition was held for charity, and unlike the main competition, which was judged by local food writers, the charity event was judged by just about everyone. The winner of the charity “fan favorite” competition was Tiff’s Treats.


Texas celebrity chef makes a special guest appearance at Nashville, Tennessee’s Music City Food+Wine Festival. In the US, very few chefs have earned the level of respect for their grilling prowess like Tim Love. Locals to the Nashville area are finally able to learn how this nationally known chef gets his meats to fall right off the bone, and how he manages to make meals on the grill that have people talking for years.


Love, who has been seen on nationally recognized television stations like The Food Network and E!, has been an extremely passionate advocate of grilling, great food, and just about everything Texan. In the past, Love was known for being the head of the world famous restaurants like the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, the Woodshed Smokehouse, and the LOVE SHACK. This year, Tim Love will be teaching attendees of Nashville’s hottest food festival how to get the most out of cast iron cooking. Fans of Tex-Mex cuisine, as well as fans of Nouveau American dining can’t wait to find out the slick cooking tips that love has to offer this time around.


In Dallas, many restaurant chefs are also helping people reach their full culinary potential while holding seminars at farmers’ markets. In the US, farmers’ markets in major cities often are viewed as affordable but elite gatherings where foodies get to try out artisanal delicacies, locally grown produce, and organic goods that are not normally sold in stores. It’s not uncommon to hear about multimillionaires shopping at such farmers’ markets, and it’s also not uncommon to hear about food companies that boast organic labels getting the bulk of their customers at these events. And now, in Dallas, foodies who really dig the idea of learning how to cook like a real restaurant chef are attending local farmers’ markets in order to learn how to do just that.


Classes at the Dallas Food market are being thrown by the American Institute of Food and Wine in conjunction with the Dallas Farmers Market Friends. The names of the teachers are well known in the area, including chef Patton Robertson of Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant, T.J. Legnick of Shinsei, and David Holben of Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House. Other classes, being thrown by the local Whole Foods Market, will teach patrons how to make delicious and nutritious make ahead meals that can last up to a week, complete with recipe alternatives that would allow dairy- and gluten-free individuals to enjoy a meal or two.


Max’s Wine Dive is an iconic bar in Dallas, known for being both highbrow and lowbrow at the same time. Infamous for serving fried chicken and Southern style cuisine along with some of the most popular wines in the industry, Max’s Wine Dive has also managed to make a name for itself by hosting its own Battle of the Grapes. In this competition, the staff at the Wine Dive will serve 8 different wines, and patrons get to choose their favorite red and white wines. After the night is over, votes are tallied and the top winners are featured on Max’s Wine Dive’s very own social media campaign. The entire event started on May 1, and goes through December 31st. Some of the wines being offered at Max’s Wine Dive are so rare, they are exclusive to the restaurant itself. So, if you’re traveling to Dallas, make sure to stop by the Wine Dive for your very own unique wine experience.



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