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Eat healthy at Fitto Cafe

I heard so much about Café Fitto that I could not resist not to make a visit. I had to choice if I go to the one on Floreasca or the Victory Square. As expected, the decision was tough, I knew that both locations are equally interesting, but in the end I opted for the Floreasca. A plausible reason…
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Where can you eat breakfast in Bucharest

If you want to eat a good breakfast and read an interesting book, then I recommend Readers Café. It is a two-level lounge cafe bistro in Metropolis Business Center, from Iancu de Hunedoara. Opened in March 2011, at Readers Café will meet extraordinary culinary experiences, unique style…
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Origo - first coffee-shop with his own roaster

Tuesday, April 23, was officially launched on the Bucharest market cafes, Origo - first coffee shop with its own roaster in Bucharest. Origo aims to conquer the coffee lovers with freshness, quality, taste and professionalism. The Coffee Shop has a predetermined mission to educate the public in all…
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No Name - a place outside reality

Are you looking for a little corner of the world in which to circumvent the bustle of everyday life? You dream of a peaceful oasis where you can relax in the company of the best and original cocktails in the capital? I have good news for you! This place exists! And if you have not yet heard about it,…
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Board games and aromatic tea at Tabiet

There is a place in Bucharest exclusively for the kid in you, a place where you can rediscover the joy of playing in the company of a flavored tea: Tabiet. With a beautiful garden in front, surrounded by shady trees and roses, Tabiet is the ideal place to escape from everyday life, from the problems…
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The experience of coffee deluxe

If you want to drink coffee in a stylish and intimate place, I recommend you make a visit to High Heels Cafe! They boast a coffee house experience improvement! Here, every sip of the rich in energy liquor, will indulge your taste buds in a memorable manner. If time allows, sample a delicious frappe…
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