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I heard so much about Café Fitto that I could not resist not to make a visit.

I had to choice if I go to the one on Floreasca or the Victory Square.

As expected, the decision was tough, I knew that both locations are equally interesting, but in the end I opted for the Floreasca.

A plausible reason was the proximity to the area where I live.

It is impossible to go unnoticed Fitto Café. A great cup of coffee waiting for me and a spring green refreshed my senses.

As I walked in, I found that Fitto Café is beautifully landscaped, bright, cheerful, colorful, spacious and airy. I focus comfortable furniture, fancy and tastefully arranged. Then I saw that has plasma TVs, wireless internet.

Why Fitto Café?

Because it is addressed to customer segment that attaches great importance to food balance and healthy lifestyle.

The name is derived from the Greek Phyton (Plant), which says it all.

I found it interesting coffee shop slogan: "The sporty, healthy way" slogan that points out exclusively organic preparations found here at Fitto Café.

When I arrived, it was already noon and I was hungry.

The menu is chosen with great attention to detail. The service is really a strong point of Fitto Café. Both waitresses and bartenders are nice, smiling, very attentive and prompt.

Here, you find winked eggs prepared in various ways and juices with lettuce edge at prices between 13 and 20 RON, scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, apple and carrot juice, orange juice, scrambled eggs broccoli, peppers and cheese, ham and cheese toast or croissant with butter.

Besides this, salads, pasta dishes and a few with some menus that are changed or rotated day every day, must not be omitted.

At Fitto Café, I commit with some caloric beverages such as cocktails based on coffee, ice cream and combined with bits of Mars, the delicious Oreo biscuits and other biscuits with more caramel and chocolate.

We started with Berry Sensation (£ 26), a huge dessert based ice cream and berries, very good and creamy. Another delicious dessert I tried was chocolat mousse (£ 15), probably one of the best sweet snacks such of the test date.

True, prices are higher here, at Fitto: salads and snacks between 20-25 lei, breakfast has prices starting at 5 lei (for an ultra light apple slices) to 23 lei, 14 lei are soups and other prepared lunch from 20 to 27 lei. Special drinks and fruit shakes are between 10-29 lei.





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Published in: mai 2013
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