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A. Richman and G. Ramsey

Number four on our list is Adam Richman. He is no sensation or a famous celebrity chef with all the luster and laurels, but a normal person doing something extraordinary. The foodie is known for his television series Man vs. Food, where he takes on challenges to eat the most humongous amounts of food.…
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UK and USA chefs

There is no better love than the love of food and food is the only things us humans have to live by in our lonesome lives. While others merely treat food as something to gain energy from or something they’re bound to eat three times a day without giving it much thought, some make it their passion,…
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Best italian chefs

The chefs add more colors and value to restaurants. Their role is very important. There are many popular Italian chefs.   1. Cesare Casella   Cesare Casella is an Italian chef, restaurateur, writer and educator. He was born on 1st of March 1960 in Lucca, Italy. He is the owner and executive…
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Chef Horia Varlan

Ever since he stole the top culinary secrets from his maternal grandmother, chef Horia Varlan knew that is what fascinates him. He first learned to cook polenta, then fried eggs, reaching as far, to be ranked one of the best chefs in our area. In addition to his skills as a chef, as person is very friendly,…
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The pastry chef Anda Calinici

If you do not know anything about her name, then maybe you saw one of MasterChef editions. And if none of you know who she is, then meet Anda Calinici, the first person in Romania who represented her country in one of the most important competitions in the world of chocolate. Who is Anda Calinici? She…
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Gabi Georgiu was named the best sushi chef in the world

Two months ago, a young man of 24, named Gabi Georgiu, with 7 years experience in the kitchen, filled our hearts with joy! He won the title by which everyone can be proud of: the first head sushi chef in Romania, the state acquired the Sushi World Cup in 2013, recognized by All Japan Sushi Association.…
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Meet the chef Alex Atala

Today, you get to know Brazilian chef Alex Atala, who was named one of the most influential people in 2013, the first chef who entered the top 100 of this year's Time magazine. Tattooed and many piercings, the famous chef, aged 44, is a figure that you can not easily forget, being praised for his…
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Recepies for success with Master Chef

The second season of the popular cooking show Master Chef has started. Internationally, Master Chef has record audience of millions. Master Chef is "the most important television show in the world dedicated to cooking" Successful international format of the show caught the Romanian audience…
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