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Number four on our list is Adam Richman. He is no sensation or a famous celebrity chef with all the luster and laurels, but a normal person doing something extraordinary. The foodie is known for his television series Man vs. Food, where he takes on challenges to eat the most humongous amounts of food. In his television series he travels all around the United States to find places that offer amazingly succulent food, and huge quantities of it.


The forty year old television personality is also an actor but is known widely for his capability to eat the most enormous proportions of food. Don’t believe it? Watch the show for yourselves. His television series first aired in 2008 and after it being a huge success he went on to make more like it. His projects after the series were Man vs. Food nation where he helped other people as a coach to complete eating challenges and after that were some food shows like Amazing Eats with Adam Richman and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich of America.


Last but not the least, concluding our list is the notorious Gordon Ramsay. The Scottish celebrity chef, food journalist and restaurateur is known for his furious demeanor and the way he says the “F” word more than once in almost every sentence.


The forty seven year old food expert has had many stars awarded to his restaurants and is known widely for his amazing cooking and his prestigious restraints. He gained notoriety with his cooking reality show called Hell’s Kitchen where young chefs had to work and prepare food with Gordon Ramsay watching over them. The show packed lots of drama, Gordon’s fury and cussing and entertainment for sure. He has made many guest appearances on famous television shows like American Idol. His current work is a cooking show about tips and tricks for simple yet efficient cooking.


Well, this is it. We summed up some of the most legendary people in the food industry and who have been really famed and have enticed the people with their work, with their skills and with their talent. While we all perceive ourselves to be the best, these people proved that to the entire world.



Author: Adam Fiaz

photo source: travelchannel.com


Published in: iulie 2014
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