Gabi Georgiu was named the best sushi chef in the world

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Two months ago, a young man of 24, named Gabi Georgiu, with 7 years experience in the kitchen, filled our hearts with joy!

He won the title by which everyone can be proud of: the first head sushi chef in Romania, the state acquired the Sushi World Cup in 2013, recognized by All Japan Sushi Association.

As "head sushi chef", Cluj young chef will serve to train colleagues in which means methods of preparing the sushi and hygiene measures.

In early March, he participated in the first international contest Sushi "Sushi World Cup", held in Japan, and came back with two gold medals, "Sushi Gold Award", the individual sections and restaurant.

There, in front of the jury (seven members, all sushi chefs internationally recognized), prepared a plate of sushi on "the transition from winter to spring" salmon, tuna, octopus, fish and dill Japaneseand "Draculla Roll" with salmon, tomato sauce, cheese and garlic.

To sample the restaurant section, chef Gabi was assisted by his boss at the restaurant, Naofumi Tsuchiya, who has 15 years experience in preparing sushi.

Although it was named the best sushi chef in the world, Gabi confesses he still has to learn.

He always had an affinity for Japanese cuisine, which seems special attention to the particulars, taste and flavor of each ingredient, seasonality, naturalness.

For Gabi, the secret to good sushi is, from his point of view, the process used, and its preferences in terms of sushi related fish used in most cases.

He dreams to walk with the chefs that inspire him: Masayoshi Kazato, Hirotoshi Ogawa and his mentor, Naofumi Tsuchiya, because they are true masters in authentic Japanese food.


Now, all he wants is to be the best in everything he does and get, like his master, Tsuchiya Naofumi, the "Sushi Proficiency Certificate".


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Published in: mai 2013
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