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Crazy cakes at Photo Cake

There is a place in the capital where all your ideas, no matter how crazy, can become a reality ... sweet! The Photo Cake awaits you with a team of professionals, equipped with the latest technology to turn your wishes into certainty! Whether you want to surprise a loved one, or to make a good joke…
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Sweet taste of quality only at Piticot

A dream, sprinkled with chocolate, vanilla, candy and cookies or cakes ... confectionary Piticot was born - as a fulfillment of a sweet dream! It started off as a modest cafeteria and developed slowly but surely until it soon became known for affordable prices and quality products. Now Piticot is not…
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Alice - sweetshop with tradition

In 1994, Alice was a modest pastry on Rd.Bravu in the capital. Currently Alice has 3 own laboratories for cakes, pastries and ice cream, as well as a retail outlet, located in Rd. Bravu no.123-135. Alice decided to overcome their condition and strive for simple pastry expansion when customers were very…
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