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What we eat in the hot summer days ?

Already hot weather makes its presence felt and thermal discomfort causes us to be irritable and without condition. As to cope with the heat wave, we must be careful what we eat and drink as many liquids. It is better to avoid very fatty foods, canned meats, spicy foods. Instead, vegetable soup, vegetable…
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Tell me what you eat to tell what skin you have!

Our skin suffers during this summer when we expon ourselves without protection or not to eat what we need. The results are most often those that do not want and do not wait. Therefore we must face reality through outreach, determination and will. How? Well, the secret to a healthy and beautiful skin…
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Wine tasting lessons

A good wine makes life more colorful. You feel good from the first sip. Thus convince you to take another sip to finish the cup, and not only! Although you do not need too much to realize the quality of the wine, it is still advisable to know tasting techniques. Why?   It will help you evaluate…
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Foods that make us happy

Did you know it is scientifically proven that certain foods make us so happy? A certain foods can lead us to the heights of pleasure. Recently it was discovered that beer causes the body's well-being even after a single bite. On the other hand, there are other foods that stimulate the sensitive…
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Refuel on energy!

Spring has arrived and this time will stay for good! Vacation days to be counted! We can not fall prey to fatigue and waste any free moments of Spring! Let's see how we can refuel on energy to enjoy the holidays and the sunshine! First you have to give up eating a heavy meal because they redirect…
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Who are your diet enemies?

Any food consumed in excess amkes you fat. This we all know. But who are the most dangerous enemies of the figure? First you should avoid minced meat, which is very popular in Romanian dishes. Smalls, burgers and sausages are declared enemies of the figure, because they are full of fat, starch and preservatives.…
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