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Spring has arrived and this time will stay for good! Vacation days to be counted!

We can not fall prey to fatigue and waste any free moments of Spring!

Let's see how we can refuel on energy to enjoy the holidays and the sunshine!

First you have to give up eating a heavy meal because they redirect our energy for digestion.

Second, we could try, even three days a week, to replace coffee with tea or lemonade!

Or even spinach! Yes you read right! Spinach is not only a rich source of iron, but also a potent substitute for coffee!

In addition, now is the season for spinach and garlic spinach salad is a hearty snack, delicious and healthy!

Other seasonal vegetables, which raise energy levels and improve your mood are: asparagus, artichokes and spring garlic.

Avoid excess sugar and replace, if possible, sweets with fruit.

Drink 2 liters of water per day!

With the opening of the summer season, you consume more fluids and you need constant hydration.

Avoid as much as possible, red meat.

You can use any fish with confidence!

It is tasty, nutritious and contains Omega 3 essential for the cardiovascular system and to remove pimples.

A great source of energy are the nuts.

They are digested slowly, which helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels and fight stress.

Another food that you should not miss in the spring diet because it is rich in nutrients and helps to regenerate nerve cells is the egg.

But be careful not to overdo the use of eggs as an excess could be dangerous for the cholesterol level in the body.

Indicated consumption is up to 3 eggs per week.

Fruits are recommended without restrictions! Every fruit, in any amount?

Strawberries and currants are especially recommended because they stimulate memory and prevent spring fatigue.

Do not be hard to follow these simple guidelines as foods that fight fatigue and asthenia are really delicious and refreshing!

No need to make major compromises to be in shape.

Simply try to enter some energy boosters in your diet, accompanied by a few minutes of movement, and you're ready for the holiday!

Author: Ioana Dogaru

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Published in: aprilie 2013
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