What we eat in the hot summer days ?

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Already hot weather makes its presence felt and thermal discomfort causes us to be irritable and without condition.

As to cope with the heat wave, we must be careful what we eat and drink as many liquids.

It is better to avoid very fatty foods, canned meats, spicy foods.

Instead, vegetable soup, vegetable stew, salad of raw vegetables, dairy, especially yogurt simply must not deprive us from any table. And of course fruits as much.


And, if it is possible, no matter how hungry we are, fast-food outlets to disappear from the landscape. Not only we get fat, but after a fast food snack, we can make indigestion or worse, food poisoning.

Under no circumstances are given meals with fried food, the dishes as breaded sites. No sweets containing much sugar, fat, pastries or cakes should not be in our diet during this canicular.

When we eat?

Indicated would be to eat the first part of the day the greatest amount of food, and in the second part of the day and evening to eat light foods, preferably fresh vegetable or fruit salads.

For example, in the morning would be good to take an egg-based breakfast cereal or grains and yogurt, because the body needs all the nutrients essential, especially in this warm period, stressful for the body.

After a hearty breakfast, we take a mass of fruit, after lunch we eat something light, maybe a grilled or stewed fish and again in the afternoon until dinner, we take a table fruit.

At dinner we can cosume a chicken breast or grilled boneless legs or can reverse even eat fish and chicken for lunch. After dinner, fresh fruits and vegetables are best.

We can prepare fruit juices fresh homemade. The market stalls are abundant seasonal fruits and more citrus. In warm weather, our grandparents drank lemonade, squeezing lemon juice in water.

Instead, drinking energy drinks and sweet refreshing in hot weather did not keep the thirsty, although at the moment, we quicken and give us the power of concentration. In short, the thirst returns and stronger and can not be quenched than water.

A little trick that will help us in hot summer days is to eat plenty of apples, you always have them on hand in the refrigerator in the box below.

Apples give us energy when we feel that we have power when we can not focus on the work that we must carry out. Vitamins and minerals contained in apples immediately restore our forces, we invigorates and strengthens our body.

Of course, do not forget the movement, but it is better to make the move and get sun exposure between 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the heat wave is highest when radiation is very strong.

In addition, we should cover the body with light clothing, cotton and light colors to be able to sweat because sweating is a natural and highly effective means of thermoregulation.

Lose water through sweat and minerals, so it is good to eat and mineral water during this period to replenish our stock of minerals.



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Published in: iunie 2013
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