Who are your diet enemies?

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Any food consumed in excess amkes you fat. This we all know.

But who are the most dangerous enemies of the figure?

First you should avoid minced meat, which is very popular in Romanian dishes.

Smalls, burgers and sausages are declared enemies of the figure, because they are full of fat, starch and preservatives.

You can cook them on the grill to melt the fat, but it's best to try to avoid minced meat when holding diet.

Health experts recommend replacing sauseges and hamburgers, with fish, barbecue chicken, turkey, beef fillet or at most pork consumed with salad or grilled vegetables, no potatoes or bread.

About fast food meals, everyone knbows how bad they are for your body.

These preparations are already recognized as feared enemies of your figure.

Fast food products are designed to concentrate a large intake of calories in a small volume.

Fried chicken should be avoided because, in larger quantities is not only dangerous but also for heart weight.

You can replace fried chicken with a much healthier alternative: grilled chicken breast.

Salads are light, delicious and a good partner in combating calories.

But the salad dressings are high in fat and diets contraindicate them.

If you want to thicken salad with a dressing better opt for low-fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise or cheese sauce.

Other products with a high content of calories that are tree to avoid pastries.

Tasty, warm and ideal for those who are always on the run, but are true calorie bomb for the body.

Silhouette are very harmful for sodas.

Industrially produced teas, juices sweet, energisers or beer have about 150 calories each.

Even juices called 'light' should be avoided in a diet.

Try replacing chips, snacks and sweets with fruits or whole grains.

And tasty and colorful cocktails threatening our figure as fruit drinks, and they bring a lot of calories.

A pina colada can have from 245 to 490 calories, while a Long Island has at least 520.

Better drink red wine because it is light and healthy.

If you really want to lose weight or maintain your figure, you should never starv yourself.

Suffice to be aware of the enemies from your plate and "accessorize" your diet with regular exercise.

Good luck!

Author: Ioana Dogaru

Published in: martie 2013
Tags: diet, enemies, food
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