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A good wine makes life more colorful. You feel good from the first sip. Thus convince you to take another sip to finish the cup, and not only!

Although you do not need too much to realize the quality of the wine, it is still advisable to know tasting techniques.



It will help you evaluate a wine in terms of quality / price ratio in the purchase, you will be able to understand and interpret the organoleptic characteristics of wine, you'll be able to conquer the heart of your loved one with so much knowledge.

In addition, you'll be able to make the association, successfully, with its cuisine.

The tasting is the instrument aware of wine quality and is not intended necessarily evaluated and identified.


The difference between an ordinary consumer and the need for latest taster is to describe and words associated sensations of a wine.

How to do a wine tasting?

Is carried out in three steps:

The first step is the visual examination: Pour wine in the glass, no more than one third of its capacity, move it towards a light source and examine the color of the wine and its intensity, clarity of, pearling and its fluidity.

Then pass the exam smell: Check if the wine has a fragrant and fresh or odor, which indicates such a defect.


The intensity of flavor is just as important. But the most complex part of the operation is to identify flavors it contains.

In addition to the compounds resulting from the grape flavor, you can provide information about the winemaking techniques used.

Once you smell good, taste it now! That should confirm impressions already made and add important touches.

You'll know immediately if a wine is dominated by aromas of earth, oak, fresh, peel and vanilla, wood spice, liquorice etc.



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