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How to have a lovely kitchen

The kitchen is the area where we feel loose whenever we cook something. I can say that it is the most functional room in the entire house, because it is equipped with all utensils, electronics and appliances. Since in the kitchen we spend a lot of time, when we want to change furniture, we must pay…
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How to organize your kitchen

It is known that an organized kitchen has the advantage of a comfortable space in which you cook and enjoy your favorite recipes with your loved ones. An organized and well planned kitchen is relaxing and gives you more space while cooking dinner. Thanks to good ordinances, you will have more time for…
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Cook shui – Feng Shui

To have your kitchen decorated in a Feng Shui style it would be ideal to have it built in one of the four problematic sides of the head of the family (the father) and used as means to banish bad fortune. Even though the mother is the one who sustains the family, the kitchen must have an effect on father’s…
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Kitchen furniture – "fall collection"

The kitchen is a space where you can play with colors when you decorate. So drop the old, classic colors and use spectacular ones, the colors of your favorite season! 1. Gray and brown for your kitchen: It's not an extravagant mix, it's easy to apply to your kitchen and it's the perfect…
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