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The kitchen is the area where we feel loose whenever we cook something.

I can say that it is the most functional room in the entire house, because it is equipped with all utensils, electronics and appliances.

Since in the kitchen we spend a lot of time, when we want to change furniture, we must pay close attention to this step.

Generally, when it comes to kitchen furniture prevail functionality, but that does not mean you have to compromise on the look and design.

A successful kitchen furniture is combining as harmonious appearance with functionality.

The first thing we must consider is storage. Kitchen furniture should be large enough to allow storage of all we need (and there are plenty).

If we need more storage space, the perfect solution is to choose a mobile with many cabinets and drawers.

If we are on the verge of buying kitchen furniture, we have two alternatives: either choose a product range or furniture.

Although some furniture may cost less, requiring custom kitchen furniture can have a unique piece of furniture specially and perfectly adapted to the available space.


If, however, opt for furniture series, the most important aspect is the size we need to insured that the furniture purchased fits into the kitchen.

Durability is another important aspect when choosing furniture.

It is necessary countertop kitchen furniture to be clean and resistant to moisture, high temperatures and chemicals.

Recommended is that kitchen countertop to be heat resistant and at the same time, smooth grooves promoting bacterial growth.

On the design, though it seems simple, the choice between a classic and modern one is extremely difficult.


Not to mention the color (dark or light).

If you prefer modern style, choose minimalist trends and simple finishes.

The modern style is characterized by the latest appliances and modern fittings.

One of the easiest and convenient ways to have a trendy kitchen is to use the colors of towels, mats in bright colors, tablecloths and napkins in your favorite colors.

If you have a sober kitchen furniture, black and white, and you want to bring a little color and brightness, buy some yellow towels and picture.

For added energy in their daily work, add an orange mat and a tablecloth in the same color. Or add accessories in various shades of green.

Classic style is warm, familiar, but this furniture is broadly sometimes cumbersome and occupy much space in the room.

It is good that our kitchen to be accessorized with furniture that fits our space so we make cooking comfortable and useful.

Moreover, it is advisable to take into account the style of living room furniture and living room, which combine style to our kitchen.

Another equally important aspect when choosing kitchen furniture is quality, that choosing the best material.

The main material used in making furniture is PAL, which means wooden boards. This material can be laminated chipboard, veneer or solid wood veneer.

Other materials we can choose for kitchen furniture can be: natural veneer (eg exotic wood), profiles HPL, HDF (high density fibreboard), MDF or aluminum profiles.

In any of these can add other materials such as glass, plastic, etc. Do not forget the kitchen countertops that can be obtained from materials such as granite, wood or composite.

Cooking accessories

Usually, the most common accessories found their place on the kitchen countertop. But we can choose bases for spoons, graduated containers and even plastic shredders bright colors, thus obtaining the desired color accents throughout the kitchen furniture.

It is important to choose the same style kitchen accessories: can be a modern plastic or ceramic / painted wood for a traditional kitchen.



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