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It is known that an organized kitchen has the advantage of a comfortable space in which you cook and enjoy your favorite recipes with your loved ones.

An organized and well planned kitchen is relaxing and gives you more space while cooking dinner.

Thanks to good ordinances, you will have more time for morning coffee and more room for decorating kitchen.

The first step that you can do is to get your table closer to the window to feel the fresh air in the morning for breakfast.

If the kitchen is long and narrow, try to create a visual separation and a wall halfway put a cabinet which may block the sink, because I know you do not want to see the entrance unwashed dishes.

To get more space you can use a simple solution: break the wall! The walls of resistance are not naked and thin, so easily destroyed.

If you get rid of the wall between the kitchen and living room, you have an open space that will allow you to cook while talking with friends.

When it comes to your kitchen style, in trend are simple materials or bold prints, not those flowery. For furniture, you can choose the clean lines and simple shapes.

To choose granite work surfaces, this is the best material due to resistance and matte appearance. For demanding kitchens can opt for Corian.

Also, a solid wood countertop will make your kitchen look great. To get a modern look, opt for glass or stainless steel.

I know that give you trouble cabinets and drawers, but if you organize them thoroughly, your kitchen will look tidy, clean and equipped with all necessary ustensils.

Thus, try to place your spices alphabetically or according to how often you use them. Oils, sauces and jams should stay separate in the closet, as well as cereal boxes.

Cooking ustensils can be organized by size and category you choose, you can locate and electronics so that you are always at hand, do not "run" in the kitchen when the world is your dearest.

Try to make your kitchen the space where you feel at confortable: bring your flower pots, decorate your windows with plant herbs...



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