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„Eater Magazine”, a member of the „Eater” websites family, benefiting of American shareholding, aims for a leadership position in online media, even though is a crowded area. Our field of expertise is represented by recipes and restaurants, chefs, kitchen designs and appliances.
With the first online appearance in November 2012, „Eater Magazine” is an online magazine with 25 active headings and 50 monthly articles, with daily updates and columns for Ads, Auctions, Shop and Community.
„Eater magazine” was designed on the "all in one" principle or on a strict terminology an "integrated system". The magazine wants to offer his visitors all the information, products and services needed in this field, from menus, recipes, chefs to restaurants, pastries and clubs, but also spices, appliances and kitchen design.
Addressed to users that are cooking enthusiasts and also passionate about restaurants and healthy food, users that come from varied communities, the magazine aims to unite these communities into becoming one - the Eater Community, with the motto "Read Eat Daily", respects your passion for food and drinks by getting informed daily.
The magazine hopes for a quick launch and a permanent presence in Romanian restaurant and bars, but also in international ones so that we can connect our interested visitors with the worldwide cuisine.
Through information of general interest, international and Romanian cuisine, old and new, home and restaurants, chefs restaurants, appliances and design, the "Eater Magazine" brings on a daily basis, in your kitchens, all the information, restaurants and chefs to allow visitors to make the best choice for their own kitchens, the place where only him/her is The MasterChef.
The 8 active headings cover all the fields for kitchen & restaurants, from general information, guides and presentations, restaurants, pastries and bars to traditional and international recipes, created by chefs, restaurants and community, spices, appliances and kitchen design, headings presenting information in a straight and friendly manner, but also argued and documented manner. The magazines purpose is to become a daily partner for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to those who see in food not only a necessity, but also a great pleasure.
Because we want to offer all the facilities we have to an informed community, the magazine offers complete services and the opportunity to buy products from the recipes and restaurants domain, through : Ads, Auctions, Shop, Community. We also have contests on a quarterly basis.
The „Eater Magazine” is written by passionate Romanian journalists and collaborates with specialists in the field, also the magazine is opened to daily chats with the community.
We think that love for wine and food has no age that's why we target general audience, ranging from 10 to 80 years.
The "Innovation" section found in all subcategories of the online magazine is our tool to present out of the ordinary issues, to reach out to the community to present personal experiences and desires so that we can develop, using this section, to continue growing and to become what you expect of us.