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Spoil yourself on a cruise ship

Most of the times, many of us avoid to turn our attention to a different kind of vacation, on a cruise ship. Excuses are enough (price, condition, danger, etc.), but should not take precedence over experience that you can offer such a trip ... on the water. Nothing beats a ride on a boat Crozier that…
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Greek cuisine

When the opportunity to escape to the beautiful Greek smiled me, I didn't sat thinking. I made my luggage quickly, no matter what I put in my suitcase, I count it joy fill the bag from the heart. I can only say that once I got there, I was really spoiled, I learned to cook the most delicious and…
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The art of French cuisine

For hundreds of years the French live an endless love affair with cuisine, seasoned age changes and exotic foreign influences. Since 1675, when in Paris was founded first restaurant, French cuisine raised to the rank of art and gave the world famous sauces and pastries, specialty cakes and homemade…
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Capri – the island of the rich and famous

Capri is my favorite place. Everything about this destination is delightful, starting with the traditional houses and endless beaches up to the warm atmosphere that invites you to discover this places. The craggy limestone cliffs that rises from the sea, the luxuriant vegetation, the turquoise water…
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