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New York City, also known as the “Big Apple” among Americans, and simply “the City” among people in the tri-state area, is one of the biggest cultural pulsepoints in America. In this uniquely sky-high city, every single portion of the town seems to have its own claim to fame. On one corner, you might see one of the most famous colleges in the US. On another corner, you might see world famous nightclubs, show venues, and restaurants. It’s a place where history meets reality, and where tourists and residents alike can get to experience anything they want. Above all, it’s a place where anything can happen.


People who want to experience New York City in all its splendor have to check out its delightfully decadent restaurants, nightclubs, and concert halls. At venues like Webster Hall, Madison Square Garden, and other major names, New Yorkers get to enjoy the biggest, most famous acts in the world. Nightclubs in the area are known for their amazingly lively celebrations throughout the week, and for each having its own unique ambiance. For tourists, it’s easy to feel like you could go to a different club every night of the year and not actually have to go to the same club twice. New York City is known for having a venue for every single different kind of personal taste imaginable.


In terms of restaurant culture, there are many, many different ways to celebrate the fantastic city’s melting pot culture. Some of the more iconic restaurants, such as Katz’s Delicatessen and Grey’s Papaya, are famous for a specific dish, such as pastrami or pizza. Others, such as 21 Club, the Gotham Bar and Grill, and Restaurant Daniel, are known for having extraordinarily great atmospheres, amazing service, and a very wide selection of great food choice. Even more are known for being local celebrity hangouts, proving once again that you can never know who or what will be around the next corner that you turn in this beautifully lively town.


The city’s unique culture is inescapable. Street performers are visible throughout the year in major traffic locations, including in subway stations. Street vendors are always ready to serve up local favorite food truck foods to anyone who is hungry. Even walking on 42nd Street or looking at the bright lights of Broadway is a cultural experience to enjoy. And if you are ready to really experience New York culture in its fullest, all you really need to do is hop in a taxi or use the subway to get to the destination of your choice.


There are some specific activities that are more or less local to New York City and New York City alone that are really notable. One of these activities includes breakdancing in subway cars, in clubs, and sometimes just on the street. Expect to see amazing stunts being performed if you’re lucky enough to see a breakdancing battle. Locals are also known for their love of biking from place to place, showing off their unique fashion sense, and also showing their talents in local art galleries, theatre groups, comedy clubs, and coffee houses. Busking, also known as street performance and street musicianship, is also fairly common among a certain crowd. In fact, for some people, busking is how they are able to feed themselves every day.


New York is also known for several extremely popular events that have gained fame worldwide, such as the TriBeCa Film Festival and NY Fashion Week. Let’s just say that you never have to wait for too long to get another dose of fabulous New Yorker culture when you visit the city. To a point, one could say that one of the biggest draws to the city is the fact that there is always something glamorous happening. Next to Hollywood, New York City is the number one location for movie castings, fashion modeling agencies, television show recordings, and media production. This might be why may people choose to move to NYC when they decide to take their chances at showbiz.



Author: Ossiana Tepfenhart

photo source: cupcakesandcrablegs.com


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