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The most expensive food in the world

Did you know that are types of food considered to be the most expensive in the world? Most are either cooked in the most exclusive restaurants, by the best chefs in the world, or composed of extremely expensive ingredients. Let's take a look together on these types of food: First on the list is…
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The story of Oreo biscuits

In our editorial discussed biscuits: they are the best, most delicious, creamy, why some rounded, others square dreptunghialară the list goes on ... I fell in agreement, by vote, the Oreo biscuits instantly won us since the first "contact" with them in 2010 when they were launched in Romania.…
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The bar decorated with coffins

Bizarre and originality have always been attractive for adventurous tourists. It often happens that so much novelty be taken to extremes that are far exceeded expectations. This happened in the case of the Ukrainian city Truskavets coffin bar, famous for its mineral springs. Yes, you heard right, a…
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Pizza Hut, a true international brand

Sure you could not resist not to eat at least once a Pizza Hut, the pizza steaming delicious that just melt in the mouth, but you ever wondered how appear this brand? Who was behind this franchise that has a million dollar profit? Pizza Hut is the name of a restaurant chain in the United States, owned…
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Blind for a day - the Blind experience

In Bucharest there are many interesting restaurants, with exotic cuisine and with original decorations. But so far we have not found any restaurant like Blind. I could even say that ... I lived in darkness until now! And Blind did not come to bring light but, on the contrary, to perpetuate the original,…
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