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In our editorial discussed biscuits: they are the best, most delicious, creamy, why some rounded, others square dreptunghialară the list goes on ...

I fell in agreement, by vote, the Oreo biscuits instantly won us since the first "contact" with them in 2010 when they were launched in Romania.

In designating the best biscuit contributed a famous advertisement that little lady teaches his father how to serve Oreo biscuits in a special way.

Since we named the overall winner, I thought to write an article about Oreo cookies.

First, since there is on the market?

In 1912, Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) in Chelsea wanted to scornească a new product that will live up to the success of Animal cakes (Barnum). He was born as a simple idea: a cookie sandwich made from two biscuits and cocoa cream filling.

Why the name Oreo?

Origin of the word "oreo" is uncertain, rumors associating the name with that original packaging biscuits was golden largely being a derivation of the French equivalent, or "or".

The world's Oreo biscuits are in various flavors, such as peanut paste, mint, lemon, green tea (China and Japan), with low fat, there are even versions that have a different size biscuits (mini
, normal and double) and, not least, varying the amount of cream contained.

Since the product launch Oreo, have sold over 491 billion each year biscuits and generates global sales of $ 1.5 billion.


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Published in: mai 2013
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