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How to lose weight with Macrobiotic diet

I must admit that I knew nothing about this diet. Since this diet, which is actually a lifestyle, Gwyneth Paltrow says she feels happy and beautiful. Come see what is macrobiotic diet: The word "macrobiotic" comes from Greek and means "beautiful life" or "long life". The…
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New MasterChef elimination

Last night, 4 contestants were eliminated before MasterChef grand final (the 28th). Maria Secrieriu,Traian Galleguillos, Victor Nemes and Nini (Pham Hoang Nhat) left the MasterChef competition. The show started with a tough test for competitors. Chefs put them to cook in five menus shown in the photos,…
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We can prepare ourself a Coke

Only when I think of a coke with ice I don't have patience. If I'm thinking of the past weekend, even harder it is to be patient. Coca-Cola recipe has been coveted since its inception in 1886. It was believed that the only official copy was kept in a bank in the U.S. and only two top employees…
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The history of beer glass

Beer has always been present in our lives, whether at parties, anniversaries, picnic outings, watching TV etc.   Why it is so concludent in our lives?   Some say the taste of it, others say the euphoric mood it creates, but I have not heard anyone say because its brown or green glass.  …
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Lady Gaga’s favorite tea – Kusmi Tea

The erratic Lady Gaga was seen many times sipping from her favorite cup of tea which she sold in a charity auction this year for $75.000, but not until recently did many knew what kind of tea does the singer like. Well, we’re talking about the world-wide famous Russian Kusmi Tea which has been…
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Indulgence in a cup of coffee

I thought I was a coffee drinker but I was proven wrong. Yesterday, 21st of June 2012, I had the pleasure of being invited to the presentation of the new Lavazza espresSOunique coffee. The event took place in an intimate environment, at Botticelli Café on Bibescu Voda street, No 19.    …
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