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Last night, 4 contestants were eliminated before MasterChef grand final (the 28th).

Maria Secrieriu,Traian Galleguillos, Victor Nemes and Nini (Pham Hoang Nhat) left the MasterChef competition.

The show started with a tough test for competitors. Chefs put them to cook in five menus shown in the photos, including fish wrapped in vine, beef Wellington with hollandaise sauce and pigeon liver pulp and hominy.

Furthermore, in order to hinder the work, chefs Catalin Scarlatescu, Florin Dumitrescu and Sorin Bontea sent them in the supermarket and they offered fixed amount of money to pay for groceries and taxis.

After the stress of shopping, competitors have come on line in plateau "Masterchef" with the hope that it will start cooking. Nicusor, Nini and Traian have had a less pleasant surprise. Chefs sent them back because they do not respected supermarket shopping list required from the start.

Their dissatisfaction was even greater as they ran out of money and borrowed from colleagues. Disappointed was Traian, who complained that the amount allocated for shopping was not enough in the first place.

Returned to the plateau, Nini has stopped the beef Wellington for himself, although chefs have pointed out that was the most difficult to prepare.

That preparation gave hassle of Nini, whose plate has shown that photo and had no right taste. So chefs asked to leave the apron and leave the "MasterChef".

The situation was not rosy either for contestant Victor Nemes, who, convinced vegetarian, refused to taste the food if it contains meat, refusal which brought elimination.

Victor's departure surprised everyone else left in the competition, who had come to sympathize and appreciate it.

The eight competitors remaining in the competition after eliminating Victor and Nini had to prepare coquelet with ingredients chosen specifically for each competitor individually.

Most affected were Maria Secrieriu and Traian Galleguillos, who failed to impress the three chefs and left the "MasterChef".

And the competitors have had a previous hop: the six remaining race (Alex, Ana, Aida, Maria Pop, Michael and Nicusor) were divided into two teams, supervised by Aida and Alex. They had to prepare two cakes.

Although the cake was not Alex's team that should look for such a program, he was declared the winner. This sample was not removed any competitor.



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