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Easter traditions and customs

We are on the eve of Palm Sunday! A countdown to Easter Holidays! For most of us, this means, first, that comes holidays! For those who have been fasting, Easter will be the moment of culinary delights awaited! But what are the customs and traditions of this holiday? What do the Passover is in…
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What salads do we put on the Easter table?

There is not much time and you have to start preparing for the Passover meal. I'm going to start slowly to built up the menu in my head, to make it easier to start up when the time comes! Let's begin with appetizers and salads that we can eat at the Passover meal! Usually, at the Passover meal…
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Do you miss the flavor of past years?

If you get tired of chocolate, biscuits and muffins packed full of E numbers and colorings, if you long for the childhood taste and flavor cakes made by Grandma, I invite you to rediscover the flavor of past years! Aroma de Odinioara opened its doors in December last year and aims to bring to the attention…
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Spring, sun, flowers, trinkets

Winter is finally gone. In the shy heat of a spring time, the streets are invaded by the flowers' scent , which symbolically send a smile to the people. The city is invaded by a parade of rainbow -colored flowers, exposed by the enthusiasts merchants. Everything is done to honor the Trinket, the…
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