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What do we know about Afghanistan? Many of us don’t even give it much thought or consideration. The only thing that crosses our minds when we think about this country is war and terrorism. We all know about the disintegration that wreaked havoc on the land of Afghanistan for so long a time. We all know about the wars, the bombing and the bloodshed. We all watched on the news how one by one, armies broke into Afghanistan with their agendas of bringing about peace and law, took charge and brought about nothing but destruction, killings and tomfoolery. But do we know the real Afghanistan, its people and their culture? Most of us don’t. Afghanistan is a beautiful, colorful and captivating country that is home to people with all sorts of talents and an array of beautiful cultures and traditionals foods.


And when I mean afghan cuisine, come to mind the most famous Afghan recipes in the world - Chapli Kebabs and the spicy chicken Tikkas. Now, many restaurants across the globe offer these dishes but the real way to experience the true taste of Afghanistan is to eat these recipes made by the hand of an Afghan himself with all the exotic spice rubs imported all the way back from Afghanistan.


I’ve had the experience to relish and devour these dishes made by an Afghan friend of mine called Kabir Khan who was a dental surgeon in Kabul before the wars started. Every bite I took was a heavenly and exuberant explosion of flavors in my mouth.


I’ve also tried many other Afghani dishes with my friends; my most favorite is the Kabuli Pulao. The Kabuli Pulao is basically a rice dish. It basically consists of brown rice cooked in fried onions, cumin, raisins and fried pieces of boneless beef. When you bite into the spicy and succulent beef and the raisins at the same time, it creates a very delicious sweet and sour flavor in your mouth.


The cuisine is very exotic and something a grand foodie is bound to enjoy. There are many more countless recipes that I can’t even remember, for example the Saji is a full lamb that is rubbed with a spice mix and is roasted in a ditch in the ground that is filled with hot coals. This gives the meat an amazing smoky flavor and makes the meat incredibly juicy and piquant.


The people of Afghanistan have always lived by their cultures and have strived to keep it alive till this date. And afghan cuisine is one of the most concrete examples.



Author: Adam Fiaz

photo source: arianacuisine.com

Published in: iulie 2014
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