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French cuisine has always been a benchmark for the world's great chefs who have "stolen" the little secret to give special meals.

Not infrequently, French cuisine has been declared the most complete of all the cuisines of the world. Why? It's easy!


Over time, French cuisine was able to borrow ingredients and spices from everywhere, from all parts of the world.

I can say that Paris is the capital of all the world's cuisines, featuring no less than 10 thousand exotic restaurants! This diversity is reflected Food supermarket shelves, where you can find the mozzarella Italian, Greek feta cheese, couscous, spices, Mexican tacos to Chinese rice and sauces.

French cuisine is more refined and appreciated in Europe and even worldwide.
France is a culinary paradise and culinary art is a cult with a tradition of centuries of refinement and excellence.

France is distinguished by its wide range of fine wines, cheeses (no less than 365 different types of cheese), foie gras, seafood and other specialties stranger to Europe: snails, frog legs, oysters.

Each region of the country has its own culinary style, specific recipes and ingredients. Thus, in north-western France using butter, apples and cream in southwest specialties are foie gras (goose liver pate), Armagnac (brandy produced in the region of the same name) and mushrooms.

Mediterranean areas are marked by Italian culinary influences, using abundant olive oil, herbs and tomatoes. In eastern regions feels German influence, and among traditional dishes include sausages, bacon, sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and beer.

Although the French are the biggest consumers of foods containing more fat, the secret lies in moderation, ie smaller portions, so fewer calories. Also, they do not have to nibble between meals. The French prefer to take a substantial meal than to waste time munching worthless nutritional products (chips, candy, pretzels).

France is considered the land of delicateses:

Creme brulee (flan) is one of the most famous and traditional French desserts tasted. Elegant dessert in milk, eggs and sugar should not be missed on any visit you make to France.

Mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse) is another classic French dessert, a safe choice and tasty that you can do to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Clafoutis is one of the traditional desserts that you can hit everywhere in French restaurants. It is similar to flan, but clafoutis is a cookie dough and fruit combining a delicious recipe.

Crepes suzette (pancakes) are the basis in many regions of the country, and the mixture of flavors and ingredients they entice the taste buds of any picky.

Souffle au chocolat (chocolate soufflé) is one of the most elegant chocolate desserts from French cuisine, where chefs give a lot of time on the standing of secret preparation methods.

Parfaitul chocolate is made from high quality dark chocolate and whipped cream, which makes it perfect dessert for hot summer days, as it is very refreshing.



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